Installing acoustical treatment shouldn’t mean a choice between a “living” space versus a “listening” space. Yet no media room should be demoted to poor sound quality because the acoustical treatments don’t fit the décor. That’s why Quest Acoustical Interiors has introduced QuestTrac; or as we like to call it “The Solution”.

Our solution for the “real world” home theater has three basic ingredients. First and foremost, it blends into any conceivable interior design not just dedicated theaters. Second, it provides solid sonic performance; no placebo effect allowed. Finally, it is affordably installed by our network of quality dealers.

The Quest Acoustical Interiors model of delivering excellent performance through excellent dealers who install the product themselves has been our hallmark. QuestTrac now provides the missing link connecting a beautifully designed living space and state of the art acoustical engineering. For a consultation about how QuestTrac may be your solution contact a Quest AI dealer near you. And don’t forget to invite your Interior Designer.