Home Theater Sound Quality
An Acoustical Prescription for your System
"This technology is something special... a musical emotional happening in my home"
The Quest Acoustical Lens System or QALS is the ultimate acoustical system for home theater or two channel sound rooms. The unique mechanics of the QALS are a major break through in sonic performance for small rooms. QALS is a total design approach integrating your room, speakers, subwoofers and each listening position into a precisely calculated alignment. This precision facilitates the placement of our unique Acoustical Lens technology on each wall surface which focuses imaging, enhances spacious envelopment and maximizes response smoothness. Finally, by concealing the technology behind an elegant QuestTrac fabric wall system, the look of the room remains beautiful. This process, relying on QuestAI Acoustical Engineering, is how we write the prescription for unlocking the sonic magic in your system.
Step One is to choose the basic ingredients to your system including the budget, number of seats, size of your screen, and general decor of the space. Work with your dealer on this.
Step Two is for your dealer to submit your concept to QuestAI. Our preliminary report will identify any acoustical challenges and present our alternative solutions for achieving the very best sonic result.
Step Three is where we take your input and final decisions to complete our analysis. We'll present a report containing the acoustical findings and detailed drawings depicting the proper positions for your speakers, seats and, of course, the QALS.
Step Four The final critical step for your dealer is to calibrate your system. Proper system tuning assures you of the best possible performance.
Now Enjoy! Your QuestAI dealer can help you with fabric samples and track design choices. We'll be available along the way to answer questions and assist as necessary.